Wild Swimming

The physical benefits of cold water - or wild - swimming are well documented. But there are also many holistic benefits that come with it too, primarily from a wellness and mental health perspective. We also like to tie our wild swimming events into the changing seasons alongside celebrating Gaelic culture and have the following sessions available.

Offering the opportunity for you to connect with nature in the purest sense whilst exploring open water skills and comprehensive approaches to cold conditioning, acclimatisation and swimming in open water. The emphasis of this experience will be on preparation and recovery.

Every day, we'll make sure to have cozy fire pits, warm beverages, and snug dry robes waiting for you after your swim. Post-recovery, you'll be treated to a scrumptious Pierhouse Lunch. After lunch on the first day, David our our Restaurant Manager and in-house Whisky Ambassador will lead you in a complimentary whisky tasting session featuring the very best of Scotland's coastal whiskies.


Marking the end of the Harvest Season and the beginning of winter. This is the time when the darkness of winter is drawing in – but this darkness is as natural as light. This is a time to allow ourselves to draw our energy inwards. Like the concept of Yin and Yang we need quieter, introspective time as well as more outward and extrovert time.

Saturday/Sunday - 26th & 27th October 2024

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