Whisky & Gins

We champion Scottish artisan producers and are proud to house a collection of whiskies from each of the Scottish regions, and a representation from further afield. Not a fan of whisky? We have an extensive collection of Scottish gins, from as close as Ballachulish in the next village, to many of the Hebridean islands, including our very own house pour from the island of Barra.

We are ever expanding our non alcoholic offering, with exciting mocktails and low ABV options ensuring there is a wide selection for everyone.

Whisky Wine cocktails

If you're not a whisky connossieur but would like to be, why not book one of our whisky tasting sessions with our in house whisky ambassador David.

Whisky is a very complex spirit with hundreds of different bottles, brands and taste profiles. You may already have your favourites, but you want a little help discovering something different. Or perhaps you would like to get to know whisky, but are overwhelmed by the vast choice out there. We can help with that!

David will take you through a guided tasting to help you navigate the uisge beatha or the water of life. He is convinced there is a whisky for everyone, perhaps you just haven't found yours yet. There are different levels to the tasting journey, please contact us to discover yours.

Pre-booking is essential, call the team on 01631 730 302.