Optional extras

Let us help you to make your stay at The Pierhouse that little bit more special - we can organise a special surprise for your partner or family member - flowers, champagne, a favourite bottle of wine or local hand-made chocolates.  

Stay at The Pierhouse Hotel and Seafood Restaurant
Flowers, champagne: optional extras from the Pierhouse Hotel

If you have any special requirements and to ensure your stay with us is as comfortable as possible, please liaise directly with our Reservations Team ideally at least 5 days prior to your arrival.

Our choice of extras include:

  • ‍House Champagne - £29.95 - this can be arranged to be in your room on ice upon arrival if required
  • ‍Birthday/Anniversary Cake - £20.00
  • ‍Oban Chocolate Company chocolates - from £12.00 - £30.00
  • ‍Fresh Fruit Selection - £15.00
  • ‍Arran Aromatics Gift Pack – £25.00
  • A beautiful bunch of flowers or bouquet in your room upon arrival - £35.00 or £50.00 respectively

Your bed will be made up with feather down duvets and pillows, however if you have any allergies and would prefer an allergenic duvet and pillows or just sheets and blankets please inform us.

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